I just want to point something out to all those saying things like, “Aria ordered a burger in the pilot but she’s a vegetarian” or “so many of the characters changed”. Honestly, a pilot of a show (especially one like this) shouldn’t hold much significance. A pilot is just to get the show picked up so they can continue with how they actually want the show to go. The only thing I would take from the first episode are the points that have been confirmed (Alison coming to the barn, her drugging the girls, etc.) Or what has been told to us by Marlene (A is in the first episode). We can’t really rely on the pilot because all of Alison’s stuff was still in the house and Maya threw it out, but later it is with Mrs. Dilaurentis, why wouldn’t she have taken it in the first place? See, things aren’t making sense or adding up. I’m just throwing this out there.


1x01 Pilot


The girls should have known Ali was coming. So why act scared?


Why do we only see Aria drink out of the glass?


When Aria (who wakes up first and I’ll come back to this in a minute), Emily, and Hanna wake up and Hanna asks where Alison and Spencer are, I don’t think Aria is talking as if “we” is her and her other personality (like many people had speculated for awhile) but because she looks at Emily and she is the “we” Aria is referring to.


Why does the camera only show Aria after what Spencer says? She looks kind of guilty. Like she knows what’s going on and hopes she isn’t going to be caught. This is where her waking up before Emily and Hanna comes in. Maybe she was taking and came back in and wake then up pretending she was asleep. She may have something to do with the cover up.


When Aria stands in from of the mirror I also don’t think it has anything to do with a personality disorder but it may reference a twin because it showing two of her.


When Aria drops off Mike it reads 4:15, she then takes out her phone. She might have been taking her mother’s advice and contemplating calling one of the other Liars but decides against it. When she finally arrives at the Hollis Bar it is after 5, does it take that long to get there? And why even show us the time unless it meant something.


When Aria and Ezra are making out in the bathroom we yet again see her reflection in the mirror. Why?


The theme of the show has always bothered me. Why do Emily and Spencer look to Aria and Hanna look away from her? Why is Aria the only one who does the “shhh”? There has to be some kind of relevance other than she just got picked.


We see how Aria finds out about the affair. Alison and her run away from Mona and stumble upon Aria’s dad with Meredith. Was it a plan? Did Ali know they would be there and have Mona help her lead Aria that way?


On Aria’s first day back to Rosewood High she runs into Emily. Aria says “we kind of lost touch” and Emily’s comment “that’s what we had to do” seems kind of odd. Why did they have to lose touch? Then Emily says “we all know she’s dead, right?” Why would she say it like that? Does she know more than we think?


We know know that Ezra targeted Aria from the beginning and chose to get close to her. So why did you draw attention to himself the first day in class? I get it was probably for show but it still was kind of unnecessary since he knew who she was from the beginning.

Then we get the first A message:
(Why does it say Aria: as if she is saying it herself. Unless it is part of the text from A)

Why is the person calling themself A? Is it to make them think it is Alison? But there has to be another reason.

I thought Emily saying this was very interesting.

Maya puts all of Alison’s stuff from her bedroom on the curb and the trash guys get it. Although later on in season 3 when Mrs. Dilaurentis comes back, she has all of Alison’s things? How did she get it all back?

Why does Maya tell Emily her mom plays the Cello?

It is shown that Wren smokes, does that mean something? It must.

Second A message:

Wren is wearing board shorts when he runs into Spencer in the kitchen. Later on we hear of two guys Beach Hottie and Board Shorts, which we assumed meant he was board shorts until we found out it was Ezra because of the beer he drank being named Board Shorts Ale. Now back to Wren, maybe this means he is Beach Hottie. I’ve always felt he plays a bigger part in this than we thought.

Third A message:


Who is the girl Spencer sees in the Dilaurnetis house that looks like Alison? How is she there? Doesn’t Maya live there? Does this mean Maya knows more than we think? Maybe she is the first Shana but she got caught by A.

While Hanna is sitting in the police station, she reaches for some candy and receives the fourth A message:
(it’s kind of funny it would happen when she is going for candy and Alison was always getting into her for eating)

Hanna and her mom just left the police station, Emily is walking home from Aria’s, Aria is driving around, and Spencer was home when they discovered the body in Ali’s backyard. How did Aria know to go there? Why was her first thing she said to Spencer about Hanna going to the police station. How could she have known? Why did Spencer respond with “you don’t think she’s talk about…” And Hanna cut her off by saying ” the Jenna thing”. Is that really way Spencer was going to say?

When Ezra says sorry to Aria at Alison’s funeral, I think it really meant he was sorry for his feelings for her. He wasn’t expecting to actually like her. Or was he sorry because he knew Alison?

Was it really Aria’s mom that text her? Why would she if she knew where she was? Why wasn’t her mom there?

It wasn’t Toby who led Jenna into the funeral.

When Wilden comes up the the girls and says “this is no longer a missing persons case, it’s a murder”. The camera shows Hanna for a few seconds then Aria for a little longer. Why?

Fifth A message:

As the camera pans away from the  Liars, you may be able to see a woman in a black dress and veil. Could this be the person who is A in the pilot that we missed? Could that be Alison at her own funeral?

They said that A is in this episode, so who all makes an appearance?
Alison Dilaurentis
Aria Montgomery
Hanna Marin
Spencer Hastings
Emily Fields
Mona Vanderwall
Ella Montgomery
Byron Montgomery
Mike Montgomery
Ezra Fitz
Meredith Sorenson
Maya St. German
Wren Kingston
Melissa Hastings
Ian Thomas
Darrin Wilden
Ashley Marin
Pam Fields
Jessica Dilaurentis
Ken Dilaurnetis
Jenna Marshall

These are all things I noticed

Part 2 of my observations for 1:1

Emily says we all know she’s dead… right? Why would she say this?

-Emily tells her mother “not everyone dreams of making it in rosewood, people dream of making it out”. what does she mean by this?

-On the board behind Ezra it says the word “Athens” and the “A” is written the same as it is written in later messages from “A”.

-Emily sees the garbage men throwing away allisons belongings, even though in later seasons Mrs. D has her stuff.


Part 1 of my observations for 1:1

In going back and rewatching pll from the begining, I’ve noticed a few things so far that either caught my eye or I thought were sort of odd!

* When Allison scares the girls in the barn she’s wearing a yellow tank top, necklace and earrings, but in flashbacks she was only wearing the yellow tank top.
* Aria is the first one to wake up and notice Allison and Spencer are gone. What made her suddenly wake up?
* Spencer doesn’t seem very sad when she told the girls that she can’t find Allison.
* In season 5 Allison tells the girls when her and Spencer return back to the barn that spencer falls asleep and then allison leaves, therefore Spencer must have woken back up because when aria wakes up and awakes the girls, Spencer comes back in the barn and tells them she cant find Allison. Why did she wake back up?
*When aria drops off mike at practice she looks to the clock in her car (it reads 4:15)then opens her phone and gives a slightly shocked look then closes her phone. We never see what she looks at. Is there a connection between the time on the clock (4:15) and the time she had to pick her brother back up from practice (6:00).
*After that is when she meets Ezra at Hollis bar and grill.
*In the theme of PLL I agree that the girl doesnt look like Allison!
Also In the theme, hanna is the only one who isnt looking at one of the other girls.
*Why in the theme does the camera zoom to Aria then she says “shhh”.
*When Hanna sees Spencer at the Rosewood Mall, hanna mentions that Spencer is taking classes at Hollis, which is where Ezra went! Could they have met previously and not said anything?
*When talking to Aria, Emily says that losing touch with each other was what they had to do. Why?

  1. Just a few of my notes! Theres more for this episode, ill post the rest tomarrow